27th km. National Road Lamias - Karpenisiou (Makri)

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Machinery manufacturing

In Skouras Inc. we manufacture the whole range of pistachio nut processing equipment.

  • Trunk shakers
  • Different types of dryers
  • Pistachio hulling machines
  • Leaves sieving machines
  • Nut collecting buckets
  • Product conveying trailers
  • Open-closed sorting machines
  • Empty nuts sorting machines
  • Weed and tree branch shredders
  • Mechanical pruners

**  The above are manufactured in our owned facilities using state-of-the-art production equipment.


Trading – Processing of pistachio nuts

Full processing of the product in our owned facilities in Makri, Fthiotida.

  • Hulling
  • Drying
  • Open-closed sorting
  • Empty nuts sorting
  • Cracking and kernel sorting
  • Packaging

Our company is one of the biggest companies in Greece and our top quality processed produce is available in European markets with excellent reviews.

Contract Pistachio Nut Farming

Scouras Inc. in collaboration with ALPHA BANK Inc. and PIRAEUS BANK Inc. and being a pioneer in the field, offers farming contracts for the short-term needs of your crops, and long-term contracts for the equipment and the planting of new trees, as well as the selling of your products at the best price on the market.

Pistachio farm

Since 2010, Scouras Inc. has owned one of the biggest pistachio nut orchards in Greece with 8000 trees aged between 1 and 40 years old. Every year the number of trees grows with the use of innovative methods and solutions.